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At eC2, we understand that life isn't always a bed of roses, there are times when we experience tough times. And when some of these issues can't be readily talked about with people you know, that's where eC2 comes in helpful! Here, you'll find trained counsellors who talk with you in confidence regarding any issue you have. Most of all, it's FREE!

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Every year, we see more than 300 users and have more than 800 sessions on eC2. Help us keep this free service going! Heard of the starfish story? No amount of donation is ever too small to touch a life in need! Read more...

helpline is a service by Fei Yue Community Services for Singaporean youth aged 13-25 years old Click here to find out more about Fei Yue's mission and vision.

What is counselling?

The real question is... "Why Ask for help?"

The truth is, life is not always that smooth and everyone experiences ups and downs. Adding to this, the lifestyle that you and I live in can be so fast-paced, so isolated that we hardly have a chance to sit down with someone and openly share our struggles.

And when you feel you're not ready yet to talk with someone you know, that's where counselling comes in. You don't have to be afraid of approaching counsellors because counselling is just like us talking to someone about our problems, except it's in a more professional setting, hopefully with a trained counsellor with clearly defined goals in a clearly defined structure.

Some people still find that troublesome. They still refuse to get help though they really hope to talk to someone. That's where eCounselling Centre comes in! eC2 is an online facility where you are able to chat one-on-one with a professional counsellor about the issues you are facing in life. We have a saying here at eGen that "eC2 is a place where we figure out life together!" And really, that's what we are about.

Now there should be no more excuses. It's already at your door step. Anyone who has internet connection can sign on and talk to a counsellor at eC2. You don't have to take a bus somewhere on a hot and humid day! And best of all.... IT'S FREE!!!

However, there are times when online counselling isn't suitable, such as if you're suicidal or experiencing mental health issues. Please refer to our main page for more resources.


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SOS (Samaritans of Singapore) (24 hours)
Blk 10 Cantonment Close #01-01 S(080010)
Tel: 1800-221 4444
Provides emotional support and befriending to those who are despairing, discouraged or distressed.

ComCare Hotline
Tel: 1800-222 0000
Individual, Marital & Family casework and counseling
Financial Aid Services for Children & Youth Information & Referral

IMH Emergency Hotline (24 hours)
Tel: 6389 2003 / 6389 2004
Urgent intervention for those who experience acute difficulties in their mental health

Babes (Beyond Social Services)
26 Jalan Klinik #01-42/52 S(160026)
SMS: 8111 3535
Hotline: 1800-833 6666
Pregnancy crisis service and support for teenage girls who are pregnant.